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The 9th Inflight Connectivity Technology Conference (ICT 2020) will be held in Shanghai, China on 22-23April 2020.
In 2015, the inflight connection of Chinese civil aviation started its pilot commercial operation, and in January 2018, CAAC lifted the ban on using mobile phones during flights. Since then, over the past two years, the inflight connection of Chinese aviation has entered the building up stage for the infrastructure facilities and the sector has been on the eve of explosive growth.
Since its initiation in 2013, the ICT Conference has always been a platform to provide service for the great progress of integration between Chinese aviation and internet technology. There has been leap-forward development of information technology and there are more and more needs for transformation and innovation in the airplane cabins. Subsequently, the ICT conference continues to widen the horizon to follow the trend, introduces new technologies, attracts more professional talents, and further explores the value and feasible channels for inflight connection.

What you can find in the conference:

New generation of high throughput satellite and future development trend of low orbit constellation .

Satellite capacity and bandwidth.

ATG market and policy driving force.

Narrow body airplane and satellite, ATG.

Inflight connection and accelerated integration of aviation business.

Cooperation model of Complementarity and Mutual Benefits.

Importance of bandwidth on inflight connectivity: passenger experience and application development.

Development trend of in-cabin technology application, such as facial recognition, VR, and hologram.

Digitalized human resource and skill cultivation.

How inflight network reaches synergy effect with marketing, service and operation.

How digital airlines correctly utilize data.

Closed door themed deep brainstorming.


Michael Kuehn





China Eastern Airlines E-commerce Company

Jesse MAO

DGM Broadband Business Unit

China Satellite Communications Co.Ltd

Alexis Girin



Jason LI



Daniel Welch

Co-Founder & Senior Research Consultant

Valour Consultancy

Gordon SUN

GM of Integrated Business Department

Beijing Star Time Telecommunications Technology Co. Ltd

Duncan DENG

Sales Director for China


Christoph SCHREMPP

Head of Cabin Supply Programme of China


Shanbao HE


Beijing Sine Space Technology Co., Ltd.

Tal Kalderon

"Head Of IFEC,  Content And Media"


Alya AL Qalam AL Yafie

Manager Development Engineering, IFE&C

Oman Air

Nicole Noack

Head of Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance

IAMA/Lufthansa Technik AG






CITIC Digital Media Networks Co., Ltd. Satellite Telecommunications Branch(CITICSat)

Vice President

Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (AsiaSat)

Benny WU

Director of Program Management,Great China


Hao YU

System Engineer

Air Macau


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China Satellite Communications Co.,Ltd. (China Satcom) is a main subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) specialized in satellite communications and broadcasting services.
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APSATCOM is committed to build a "Space-Ground integration" and autonomous & controllable global broadband communications satellite system. The preliminary plan is to launch 3 or 4 satellites with a total over 10 billion RMB investment.
The first of satellite fleet is named as APSTAR-6D which was constructed since August 2016 and will be launched in 2019. APSTAR-6D is a new generation HTS communication satellite covering majority of terrestrial and marine area in the Asia-Pacific region. It will provide global and 7*24 satellite broadband internet access communication services which is high-quality, efficient, economical for aviation, maritime and terrestrial mobile service.

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Astronics AeroSat designs & manufactures FliteStream®, high-performance in-flight connectivity solutions providing global internet and live TV utilizing both fuselage and tail mounted antenna configurations. In addition, Astronics AeroSat designs and supplies AeroShield™, the ARINC 791 radome solution, providing low drag effects that saves fuel burn costs induced by typical radome drag.
Astronics AeroSat's FliteStream connectivity solutions feature its patented Rexolite® Lens technology, which provide the world's best antenna efficiency and performance.
Astronics AeroSat FliteStream Solutions include antenna, antenna controller & modem, power transceiver, and live TV receiver-decoder hardware.
FliteStream solutions are used today globally for airline, VIP, and business aircraft.

Gogo is the Inflight Internet Company. We are the leading global provider of broadband connectivity products and services for aviation. We design and source innovative network solutions that connect aircraft to the Internet, and develop software and platforms that enable customizable solutions for and by our aviation partners. Once connected, we provide industry leading reliability around the world. Our mission is to help aviation go farther by making planes fly smarter, so our aviation partners perform better and their passengers travel happier.

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When it comes to inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC), today's passengers expect to be constantly connected—whether by mobile phone, personal electronic device such as a laptop or tablet—to the people, places, digital entertainment and web content that keep them grounded in their daily lives. And they expect reliable, high bandwidth performance, even at 35,000 feet. Panasonic's Global Communications Services is designed to enhance an airline passenger's inflight experience and extend, enhance and differentiate an airline's brand. Whether it's used as a standalone system or easily integrated into a Panasonic world-class IFE system, the Global Communications Services enables airlines to provide personal connectivity in the skies. Our Global Communications Services can help an airline's operations become more efficient through fast and concise collection and communication of aircraft and crew data. What's more, its scalable broadband capabilities allow customers to add more capacity as needed.

Media Networks Co., Ltd. Satellite Telecommunications Branch ("CITICSat") provides services for telecom, financial, emergy, transportation and broadcast customers in China through superior satellite resources of AsiaSat fleet. CITICSat has become the largest satellite resource provider of IFC market in China at present.

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"Airline Public Communication Alliance"机载公众通信联盟为相关企事业单位自愿联合成立,以推动民用航空器环境中开展公众通信业务为目的的非营利性技术组织。




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