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In-flight Connectivity Technology Conference(ICT), launched since 2013, based on the past success and clients' enthusiastic support, ICT 2017 will be more glorious with no doubts.
Over the years, every ICT attracted 300+ industry experts, focusing on the global in-flight connection and the upgrade of information technology.
The 6th Inflight Connectivity Technology Conference (ICT 2017) will be held on 10-11 May, 2017 in Shanghai. ICT 2017 will continue its contribution for the integration between the Chinese civil aviation inflight eco-system and the internet sector to reach a seamless connectivity for passengers.
The informatization scheme in the 13th 5 years plan is the initial stage of the reform for reaching the breakthrough in information and telecommunication technology; and the integration of the three networks will complete the leap forward development on information infrastructure, facilitate the interconnectivity between space-based network and ground network, and further build up fully covered seamless earth-space information system and service capability.
The trial operation of inflight connectivity in the Chinese civil aviation market will be two years by end of May, 2017; meanwhile, in order to realize full commercial operation of inflight service as early as possible, the ICT conference has been successfully organized five times, gathering more than 30 airliners home and abroad as well as many hardware suppliers, system suppliers, equipment manufacturers, satellites telecommunication companies, platform content companies, media companies, and other organizations and companies from internet sector telecommunication sector, education sector and e-commerce sector.
The ICT conference has become an inflight connectivity platform for the Chinese civil aviation market, and the only domestic inflight industrial association, the APCA, has been a close partner of the platform. In the platform, we are discussing latest developments of inflight connectivity, new requirements on civil aviation clients, changes in earth-space connectivity market, latest progress on policies and laws and regulations, and other popular industrial topics.