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At the beginning of this June, China Eastern Airlines' 21 aircrafts can provide the cabin travelers the internet access service through by the Satellite Communication System (SATCOM), which has already been approved by the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China). 10 aircrafts of China Southern Airlines, 6 aircrafts from Air China, 4 aircrafts from Xiamen Airlines and 1 aircraft from Hainan Airlines, have got the same approval from the MIIT that they can offer the internet in the air. Air China move forward more quickly that they have already published the flights which have internet access.

The in-flight internet has the vast business prospect, provides investors the opportunities, provides airlines the new space of ancillary revenue, provides travelers the totally new travelling experience in the air. Even some experts reckoned that this market is worth 100 billion. Someone who's in charge of the e-commerce department of China Southern Airlines said, "After one year's verification, we have already collected enough data of travelers' using onboard internet and made the related behavioral analysis, which provide very valuable reference information for the next step to consider the business operational model."

ICT 2015+ event is emerging in response to the needs of industry and the good news from the government, focusing on the solutions to the in-flight internet and helping promote the industry development in China. ICT 2015+ event is organized by the organizer of ICT, who is committed to the development of in-flight connectivity technology in China. ICT 2015+ event will take place in Beijing, on November 11th and 12th, 2015.

ICT 2015+ event will emphasize on the business model of in-flight internet. Meanwhile, this event will continuously focus on the technology advancements. In addition, Post-IFE era will be first introduced into this event while in-flight internet is in the popular.

CAAC indicates that, "on the premise of safety, in-flight internet can provide travelers more personalized cabin services, improve the travelers' experience in the air. More diversified cabin services should be developed on the base of internet."

The business game of in-flight internet has started and is heating up. Can't you miss the huge commercial value hiding in this industry?

Rush to register for ICT 2015+ event, we will provide you the latest information, the professional platform and the matched business partners!

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1. Beijing Startime Telecommunications Technology Co.,LTD is confirmed to send a group of delegates to this event.   2. FeiTian United(Beijing) System Technology Co., Ltd is confirmed to be Silver Sponsor and will deliver a key presentation on Day One.   3. Air China Technics confirmed to send four senior executives to join ICT2015+.   4. China Southern Airlines Co.,Ltd Sales &Marketing Department /E-Commerce Department confirmed to send a group delegates to join ICT2015+.   5. China Southern Air Holding Media Company Limited confirmed to send a group delegates to join ICT2015+.   6. China Southern Airlines Co.,Ltd Maintenance & Engineering Department confirmed to send a group delegates to join ICT2015+.   7. Eastern Airlines Technic Co.,Ltd confirmed to send a group delegates to join ICT2015+.   8. China Eastern Airlines Director Transformation Office confirmed to send a group delegates to join ICT2015+.   9. Telefonix confirmed joining this ICT2015+ as Silver Sponsor.     10. AsiaInfo Technologies(China),Inc. confirmed joining ICT2015+.   11. Advantech Wireless confirmed joining ICT2015+.  12. China Academy of Telecommunication Research, MIIT confirmed joining ICT2015+.   13. Aircraft Airworthiness Institute Center of Aviation Safety Technology (CAST) CAAC China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology confirmed joining ICT2015+.   14. China Airline Pilots Association confirmed joining ICT2015+.   15. China Air Transport Association(CATA) Standards Office confirmed joining ICT2015+.

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