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Potential Target Markets C

  1. CAAC
  2. Development and Reform Commission, Basic industries Division of the Civil Aviation Department
  3. Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  4. Local & foreign commercial airlines
  5. Satellite communications operators
  6. Avionics system suppliers
  7. In-flight entertainment manufacturers and system providers
  8. In-flight broadband entertainment providers
  9. Suppliers of passenger cabin facilities
  10. Aircraft seat providers
  11. Aircraft manufacturers
  12. Digital media companies
  13. Mobile Terminal Equipment Manufacturers
  14. In-flight entertainment media and content service (audio, video, broadcast, magazines, games, etc.) suppliers
  15. In-flight communication and networking technology developers
  16. Aviation Consulting firms/Law Firms
  17. Component / plug-in manufacturers (touch screen, power socket, earphone, etc.)
  18. New media companies & Internet Companies
  19. And other passenger experience industries, etc

Key Benefits C

  1. Learn of the inflight connectivity revolution & & new commercial model
  2. Learn about the opening policies, technologoies upgrade & profit model
  3. Enhance brand awareness and promote strategic deployment in China aviation industry
  4. Demonstrate the latest inflight information technology concepts and comprehensive IFEC solutions
  5. Reinforce the international leading position in terms of inflight information technology
  6. Netwoking with all major local airlines, satellite communbication operators,avionics systems providers, in-flight entertainment, seat, systems/service suppliers etc.,by face to face
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