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Exede® In The Air from ViaSat is the only in-flight Wi-Fi service that can deliver the high-speed experience passengers expect to everyone onboard the aircraft and every plane in the airspace. Well established now in the U.S. on JetBlue and United Airlines, and coming soon to Europe on EL AL, ViaSat is working to bring the richest in-flight broadband experience to airlines and passengers throughout Asia. With the highest passenger engagement rates in the industry, the Exede In The Air service offers a home or office-like broadband experience not possible on existing services and airlines can offer it at an affordable price or free. Attend our presentation "Changing the Paradigm: From Connecting a Few to Connecting All" and visit our exhibit to learn more about the best Wi-Fi in the sky.

Coffee Break Sponsor
"Hughes is the world's leading provider of satellite broadband solutions and services. Hughes has shipped more than 4 million systems to customers in over 100 countries, representing approximately 50 percent market share, as well as operates the leading satellite Internet service in North America with over one million subscribers. Hughes owns and operates service businesses in the U.S., Europe, India, and Brazil, delivering continent-wide Hughes broadband satellite and terrestrial connectivity. Around the globe, Hughes also supplies authorized service providers, government organizations, and businesses with advanced broadband systems and terminals.
Owning advanced Airborne SATCOM functionalities, Hughes' solutions have been applied in a wide range of manned and unmanned, fixed or rotary winged platforms. In partnership with in-flight service providers, Hughes has provided the satellite broadband mobility platform for over 650 commercial airliners around the world including Southwest, Transaero, Norwegian, UTair, Mango, Nok Air and Iceland Air, etc. Hughes continues to focus on advanced aeronautical mobility platforms".

Silver Sponsor
Telefonix is a design, manufacturing and management company that is celebrating 25 years of innovation this year and brings a wealth of experience in the aviation industry to every program.  Telefonix was founded on the strength of its retractable cabling technology, but as the company has grown, so has its portfolio of product achievements and development capabilities in support of the inflight entertainment and connectivity market.
In 2013, Telefonix joined forces with Product Development Technologies (PDT), a global, full-service product development firm specializing in design for regulated industries. This newly formalized partnership allows both Telefonix and PDT to offer existing and new customers a unique perspective on product design from early user and product research thru design engineering, certification and manufacturing. By understanding the complex relationship between design and lifecycle management, the companies excel at delivering products today that can be supported and upgraded tomorrow.

Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in the design, production and support of innovative solutions for our customers in aerospace and defense. Our expertise in flight-deck avionics, cabin electronics, mission communications, information management and simulation and training is strengthened by our global service and support network spanning 27 countries. Working together, our global team of nearly 20,000 employees shares a vision to create the most trusted source of communication and aviation electronics solutions.

FeiTian is a leading civil avionics, rail transportation electronics product and solution provider of industrial internet field, specialized in "Large-Scale Transport" industry. The headquarters is located in Beijing Zhongguancun, with the production base of rail transportation electronics in Chengdu, the production base of avionics electronics in Mianyang, and the global avionics R&D and Airworthiness/Certification Center in Los Angeles, U.S.

Global Eagle Entertainment INC (GEE) provides the satellite connectivity of inflight entertainment system, to help airlines offer new and interesting entertainment facilities as well as product options for passengers. At present, GEE serves to 150 Worldwide Airlines, now has more than 650 aircrafts equipped with satellite broadband service, which is more than any other connectivity provider in the world. GEE connectivity and content solutions include hardware, software, fully certified engineering services, business planning support, and Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions approved by all major Hollywood studios. GEE provides all service airlines need in collaboration with local China satellite and telecommunications service providers. GEE is listed on the NASDAQ Exchange (stock symbol: ENT).

Inmarsat provides real broadband for a consistent global experience for the whole aircraft, from safety communications to high-speed broadband and streaming services in the cabin. A single Inmarsat installation enables a wide range of uses in the cockpit and the cabin. These include safety communications, weather and flight-plan updates, as well as passenger connectivity for email, internet access, VoIP telephones, GSM and SMS messaging. At the In-Flight Connectivity Technology Conference, Inmarsat will provide updates on the latest GX Aviation developments, as well as SwiftBroadband's higher data speeds and safety services.

For more than 36 years, Panasonic Avionics has strengthened the connection between the world’s airlines and their passengers. We are recognized globally for our experience and leadership in product innovation and customization, system reliability, and customer care.

Thales InFlyt Experience is a leading supplier of advanced cabin systems for commercial airlines worldwide. Its award winning AVANT system now flies on virtually every major aircraft platform delivering a highly intuitive passenger experience. The Thales connectivity offering supports global Ka Band connections for the benefit of passengers and airlines. Innovation is part of the company DNA and highlights its capabilities around personalization and passenger comfort. Come visit us!

Air Media Group (Nasdaq: AMCN) is a leading high-end integrated media group in China and has been successfully listed on the Nasdaq since 2007.
Air Media has a 90% market share in avionics media and a leading share of the traditional airport media resources in China. It has created an aviation media network that covers major domestic airports in cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and seven airline companies with more than 2550 air routes. For digital media at the airports, Air Media, with its technical and operational strength, has established a TV and ADF network system in major domestic airports across the country. For traditional airport media, through integrating creativity and effectiveness, Air Media best utilizes the advantageous airport media resources.
Air Media has also taken the initiative and marched into the Internet and mobile Internet market. It has achieved fruitful reform and innovation in in-flight PAD and WIFI, PAD and WIFI in high-speed train, and airport interactive screens to lead the public transport service experience in China into a new pattern. Air media is currently developing the railway WIFI market, and it has obtained quite a market share in the sector.
In future, Air Media will continue its progress focusing on "high-end influence" and " networking media" to build up a new media paradigm in China.




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