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We Focus on C

  1. CAAC
  2. Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  3. In-flight broadband entertainment ecosystem suppliers
  4. Suppliers of passenger cabin facilities
  5. Telecom operators
  6. Domestic and overseas commercial airlines
  7. Digital media companies
  8. Aircraft manufacturers
  9. Film distributors
  10. Avionics system suppliers
  11. In-flight entertainment manufacturers and system supporters
  12. In-flight entertainment media and content service (audio, video, broadcast, magazines, games, etc.) suppliers
  13. In-flight communication and networking technology developers
  14. Aircraft seat providers
  15. Consulting firms
  16. Telecommunication companies (satellite & ground communication) and mobile communication operators
  17. Component / plug-in manufacturers (touch screen, power socket, earphone, etc.)
  18. And other passenger experience industries, etc.

You Can Get C

  1. Learn of the current development trend of and demand for passenger cabin information technologies in China
  2. Learn about the latest passenger cabin networking technologies, charging and flow media of well-known foreign airlines
  3. Enhance brand awareness in the aviation industry and promote strategic deployment in Chinese aviation market
  4. Demonstrate the latest passenger cabin information technology concepts and comprehensive IFEC solutions of your company
  5. Reinforce the internationally leading position of your company in terms of aircraft passenger cabin information technology
  6. Communicate with all major in-flight entertainment content, information technology and system suppliers face to face

The senior executives from Aircraft Selection & Rental Management Dept. of China Easter Airlines will be attend. 2. Thales will join! 3. Dr. Stephan Schulte from Lufthansa Technik confirmed to attend the ICT2013 as a panelist. 4. The President from Telefonix Inc. confirmed to attend the ICT2013. 5. We have related senior executives from China Eastern & Spring Airlines to join ICT2013. 6. Rockwell Collins supports ICT2013 as the Gold Sponsor. 7. We have related senior executives from China Southern Airlines to join ICT2013.

Participating Organization
Supporting Media